Web 2 and Web 3

The Internet has seen a lot of changes over the years, and lots of upgrades as to how it is been used. The current state of the Internet is called Web 2, this has user-generated content and usability for end-users. When compared to what was on ground before Web 2 came into play, Web 2 is a big upgrade. Before its advent was Web 1. The Web 2 came into play after the aftermath of the dotcom bubble, and mostly refers to the 21st-century Internet applications. Common example of Web 2 is Facebook and blogsites.

The next big shift as far as Internet is concerned will be Web 3, there will be a gradual evolution of Web 2 into Web 3 and it has started already. The user-generated content and usability of Web 2 will be on another level in Web 3 because this it will be built on Blockchain. Decentralization will be the order of the day, which will nullify central authority and power will be distributed among users.

Almost everyone knows about cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, but few knows how it is run. The blockchain makes cryptocurrencies tick, and many other possibilities that have not been discovered yet. Developers are shifting to the Web 3 space and are building already, writing smart contracts and giving value to the community. This is the best time to key into the blockchain and make the best out of it, there are loads of opportunities as we are still very early.

Difference between Web 2 and Web 3
The major difference is the blockchain! The fact that any content on web3 can not be censored by a central authority makes a big difference as power is decentralized, giving users more power.

Sites like https://blockgames.gg is dedicated to providing materials and teaching people how to develop on the blockchain, https://nestcoin.com/ builds, operate and invest in simple products that make crypto accessible to everyone. Things are getting better by the day.
I am currently going through a training program by https://zuri.team to improve my knowledge about the blockchain and how to build on it.

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