Wayru AirBlocks: NFTs for good.

Okunade Iyanuoluwa
5 min readNov 29, 2022


Blockchain technology was created to open new opportunities, and to make sure more people get more out of what was being shared by a selected few. Blockchain technology, web3, is changing narratives and disrupting technology like we used to know it. There have been lots of people in the blockchain space whose lives have gotten better due to decentralization, they have improved their lives for the better.

Things to note about blockchain is that it is more than cryptocurrency, it is way beyond that. Technology is meant to improve the lives of everyone, and to stop very few people from deciding the fate of the masses. It is to reduce the effect of centralized authorities or remove them completely if possible, to enable users to get hold of their lives and take decisions to improve them.

There have been lots of projects built on web3 but the best of them are those built around a community that solves real-life problems, these types of projects stand the test of time. It is more than the pumping and dumping prices of tokens, it is about giving the community something to relate with. Projects that have withstood the test of time are mainly because of the funding or the board of leadership they had, but of how valid the solution and use-case they offer to their community.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are Non-Fungible tokens. For it to be non-fungible, it shows there are fungible tokens. Fungible tokens are the cryptocurrencies we have, they can be interchanged i.e. 1 unit of $Algo in your wallet = 1 unit of $Algo in other wallets. The non-fungibility nature shows the uniqueness of each token of NFT as there can not be an exact one for anyone else even if they look alike, the digital print of each one is unique and can be traced.

What NFTs can be used for is as wide as the creative mind can think of, it is some sort of digital ownership. It can be used to identify a particular community, wallets holding some NFTs can be given access to some special features that normal wallets can not partake of except they hold an NFT in the NFT Collection needed. There are several other use cases of NFTs, ranging from tokenization of Real-World Items, Digital Identities, Credentials, Medical Records, and also Gaming.

Introducing AirBlocks.

AirBlocks, NFT for good, are initiatives from Wayru Network, a project built on Algorand that is decentralizing the telecommunications sector. Wayru is bringing network connectivity to everyone, especially in developing countries. The project sees the need to bring more people to use cheap and fast Internet which is a fundamental human right.

AirBlocks are NFTs of unique illustrations representing each and one of us the AirBlockers behind the scenes bringing connectivity to everyone in emerging countries. They are created in such a way that money made from each sale of these NFTs (AirBlocks) will be used to give low-income communities in Latin America access to the Internet. Helping them to be included in the digital economy thereby opening a whole world of opportunities for them.

These AirBlocks are integral to what Wayru Network is building, it is like a representation of everyone that believes that everyone should be connected to the Internet. There are going to be a total of 10,000 unique AirBlocks, although some will be rarer than others, and they will be released in batches of 1,000 units. Methods of release will vary from regular sale methods to auctions. Funds gotten from the sales will be used to build Internet networks in low-income communities, and provide free access to the people in that community.

AirBlocks will give the possibility of low-income communities having autonomy over their connectivity. This is great for the community as holders of AirBlocks, called AirBlockers, are part of something big. They are making life a lot easier for others, it is life-changing.

It is important to note that AirBlocks will not generate rewards for holders, but they will store information directly related to your contribution to the network. In Wayru, it is more of giving. AirBlocks are not an asset to earn, but rather an asset to give. This is what we call NFTs for good.

“Royalties from AirBlock trading in secondary markets will go to a treasury which will be used to expand these community networks, replace damaged or old devices, and continue to onboard more people in vulnerable situations for decades to come until we completely eradicate inequality of access.”


Main utilities of Airblocks:

These are the utilities of AirBlocks as listed on the website.


AirBlock owners have the right to reproduce the NFT in their possession for commercial purposes, such as the sale of merchandise.


AirBlockers can connect their NFT to their node operator account during governance time to participate in the decisions that are made to improve the network. AirBlockers have double voting participation.


If you own an AirBlock, you will be part of a select community that is changing the world and also revolutionizing the usefulness of NFTs. Holders will participate in private and public events, games, giveaways, and raffles, and get early access to all next generations and releases.


All holders will have access to a discounted token price in WayruNetwork Token Sale.


AirBlocks are NFTs that anyone can earn to support a connectivity cause. 80% of AirBlocks sales will go directly to connecting people to the internet in low-income communities where they cannot afford access. For every AirBlock sale, Wayru Network will connect one person to the Internet for a whole year. 5% of the AirBlocks will be kept for community participation, giveaways, raffles, and the team.

You can become an AirBlocker too, get yours: