Tokenomics of Wayru Network’s WRU

Okunade Iyanuoluwa
4 min readSep 30, 2022


When looking to invest in a token, one important term to look at is the Tokenomics on such a token. Knowing what a token means is also very essential, as it helps differentiate it from a coin. A token is a non-mineable digital unit of value that exist as registry entries in blockchains, it is usually issued by companies using an existing blockchain such as the Ethereum and Algorand blockchain. It can be simply defined as transferable units of value issued on a third-party blockchain.

Tokenomics simply refer to the economics behind a token, “token” + “economics”. It shows the factors that impact the value and also the use of a token, proper tokenomics bodes well for a project and a bad one will accelerate its downfall. It is paramount for a project to have well-designed tokenomics that will make it easy for investors and stakeholders to access and make the decision to participate in the project.

A project’s tokenomics is used alongside its whitepaper, roadmap, founding team and community to access prospects. The key elements of tokenomics are Token supply (maximum supply & circulating supply), Token Utility, Analyzing token distribution and Incentive mechanisms.

Tokenomics of $WRU (Wayru Network’s Token)

The Wayru token powers the circular economic incentives of Wayru’s Ecosystem.

Token supply (maximum supply & circulating supply) :

The maximum supply of WRU is 10 Billion. It was all minted at the genesis and they will all be kept locked until network usage begins for distribution. Out of the 10 Billion WRU tokens available, only 100 million WRU which is 1% will be released as circulating supply at the public sale happening in the 1st Quarter of 2023. The remaining Token supply will be released over 20 years.

Token Utility:

Wayru Network is about providing Internet access with distributed ownership, people get to own a piece of their deployed networks to provide internet access to those around them. With the help of Wayru, people will provide internet access through Hotspot at a cheaper rate to others while getting rewarded for doing so.

The Network makes this possible through Hotspot Pools, these pools are tokenized and $WRU, the Wayru Network token, can be used to purchase pool tokens. The project is built on the Algorand blockchain, which is why ALGO, USDC and USD (all on the Algorand blockchain can also be used alongside $WRU to purchase pool tokens.

Owners of Wayru Pool Tokens earn WRU, based on the number of people that are connected to their hotspot. The more people owners of Pool Tokens get to provide internet access to, the more reward they get. It is a Share2Earn economy, getting more people connected at affordable prices without sacrificing speed.

Analyzing token distribution:

The Wayru Network distributes WRU Tokens to Node Operators, Pool Token holders, Stakers, and investors for their support.

$WRU Staking 12%

Seed Sale 9.8%

Advisors 3%

Strategic Round 3%

Partnerships 3%

Algorand Accelerator 3%

Founders + Team 21%

Community Airdrop 2.2%

Public Sale 1%

Operations Fund 12%

Node Operators + Hotspot 30%

“Deflationary behaviour ensures higher rewards for early network supporters and operators getting to inflation 0 in year 20. This balances the risk and the rewards for node operators and stakers at the various stages of maturity of the network.”

Incentive mechanisms.

When it comes to node operators, their aggregate revenues will equal the aggregate network fees on the Wayru Network.

Rewards for Stakers, Pool Token Holders, and Node Operators will depend on the network’s performance, considering uptime, speeds, and hardware.

Additional Token Use-case

There will be millions of compatible devices that can use Wayru’s Network and they will require WiFi Credits (WC) to access the Internet. Only WRU can be used to get Wi-Fi credits, which means the demand increases as the network grows. This will only lead to strengthening the WRU.​

The Wayru Network adds these disclaimer on their token paper:

=> Wayru is attempting to deliver low-cost internet access using Blockchain and disruptive connectivity technologies in low-margin, high-volume emerging markets.

=> Wayru is determined to execute its duties on a best effort basis, however, in any competitive technology business, there exists a risk of failure.

=> In the event of a cease of operations or shutdown, Wayru may not be able to provide or guarantee liquidity for any outstanding balance amount.

Check out the official token paper