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Okunade Iyanuoluwa
3 min readFeb 17, 2023


Web3 is filled with endless possibilities for everyone, regardless of what it is you do. Web3 encompasses the future of web2, it is the next generation of decentralized web technologies. With decentralization, users will have a lot more control and ownership of their data and digital assets.

Decentralization simply means the removal of a middleman or central authority as the case might be, giving the control back to the people. This has seen a lot of changes to what we used to know, as web2 is gradually metamorphosing into web3. This leads us to NFTs

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a key component of the Web3 ecosystem. The Non-Fungibility feature gives them uniqueness, it can not be exchanged for another like coins or tokens. They are unique digital assets stored on the blockchain, which makes them verifiable. Content creators that make NFTs provide an avenue to monetize their work and also enable their fans to own part of their works.

Introducing Tokenblogs

Tokenblogs is a decentralized licensing marketplace for blog content built on Algorand, a decentralized blogging platform with all posts as tradable NFTs. Articles made by a writer are tokenized, giving the writer ownership over the publishing rights, and can be exchangeable.

It is exchangeable in the sense that, those who are interested in owning the article can buy the publishing right from the writer.

Integration with Medium.

The platform is new and there have been some updates to help writers utilize the platform better, Tokenblogs has been integrated with Medium.

This means any article on medium (new and old) can now be onboarded on Tokenblogs after going through verification. The verification is to ensure that the article belongs to you. Brilliant articles on Medium can now be brought on the Algorand chain to be tokenized. With Tokenblogs, bloggers will be able to have their works used on a larger scale across the Internet.

It is easy to onboard medium articles on Tokenblogs, writers do not need a wallet or any cryptocurrency to mint articles. It is to make the process as easy as possible.

It is also a great place to buy articles to save you the time and process of looking for content to put up on your blog. Tokenblogs provide a marketplace to read and buy articles without having to negotiate with writers, and the article bought can be used anywhere as the buyer is now in control of the publishing rights.

Tokenblogs is where you should be if you are a writer that publishes great content on Medium, and also where you should be if you create content and would love to skip negotiating with writers.

How to mint your Medium articles on Tokenblogs:

1. Sign in with email (powered by Magic)

2. Connect your Medium Account by adding the #TokenblogsAuth hashtag to the article(s).

3. Set the price and license type

4. Mint all selected Medium articles and publish them to Tokenblogs.

I have been able to mint two of my medium articles of Tokenblogs, and was a smooth experience. I will be putting up most of my articles up for sale on there henceforth, this is because I do not need to worry about getting buyers for them as long as they are well written.

Join me on Tokenblogs!

About Tokenblogs:

It is a marketplace where bloggers get to tokenize their articles and make them tradable NFTs, also a London-based startup founded by Milo Simpson-Peddler and powered by layer 1 blockchain Algorand for speed and instant finality.

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