Okunade Iyanuoluwa
2 min readJun 7, 2020


3 Top features why DApp developers love Cartesi.

The world is changing as we know it, technology too is following suit. There are upgrades to things as we used to know them, these upgrades are to make life simpler and easier for us all.

Developing applications has taken a new turn ever since blockchain technology became accessible to all, most developers have discovered a better way to interact with their apps.

Blockchain decentralized applications, DApps, are favoured more over the traditional applications. These might be due to many reasons best known to the developers but the two common reasons why clients now prefer DApps are :

prevention of internet censorship and trust on the blockchain system.

Over the years, there have been some limitations to the blockchain technology. Especially for developers while building DApps. I am talking about limitations like scalability, fixing of bugs etc.

Most have discovered Cartesi and they have reasons to stay in love with the projects, as it enables them to build compelling products.
I will be listing 3 major features here:

Blockchain and off-chain components.
DApps built on Cartesi are composed of both components, this is to enable developers to find a way around limitations on blockchain and find solutions on the off-chain component.

Off-chain components run under a Linux operating system.
It is nothing new that Linux has a high level of security, this is a big plus for DApp developers to play with around the blockchain. And also, it is easy to make updates.

Using familiar programming language.
Developers choose to use the programming languages and services they feel at convenient with, no streamlining on this.

These 3 features are just part of the many reasons DApp developers are loving the Cartesi project. You can also check the project out too.

Cartesi is the operating system for DApps!

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Website: cartesi.io

Twitter: twitter.com/cartesiproject

Discord: https://discord.gg/brXm5sB

Telegram: t.me/CartesiProject