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Developing applications should be as easy as it can be for developers, kits are necessary to make life easy for software developers in respect to a particular platform or operating system (OS). These kits are referred to as SDK (software development kit), they are tools made available mostly by the manufacturer of an operating system or a hardware platform. The aim is to make sure other developers building on the platform can bring their ideas to life easily within a specific development environment.

SDKs are collections of software development tools in one installable package, these kits make life a whole lot easier as they contain a compiler, debugger and in a few cases a software framework. SDKs are usually specific, that is, they are useful only to a particular operating system or hardware platform. The presence of SDKs enables software developers to give their applications advanced functionalities that would have taken a lot of time and effort if developed from scratch. For every application developed, there is a software development kit that makes the work easier.

A software development kit should be seen as a kit that contains what is needed to build up an application. So like any other kit, a developer must be aware enough to choose the right SDK that will make the building of his application easy and also fulfilling the functionalities that it requires. SDKs are sometimes confused with APIs.

Before looking into DappKit, these two are used interchangeably even when they do not mean the same thing. API means Application Programming Interface, it is all about programming instructions and standards for accessing a web tool or database. This means a software company can make available its API for software developers to power their design products.

This means API is an interface to service while SDK on the other hand refers to a set of tools or components for a specific purpose. An SDK sometimes provides an API to interface with, and you can make use of an API without having to access its underlying components. They are not the same.

A software framework in computer programming according to Wikipedia “is an abstraction in which common code providing generic functionality can be selectively overridden or specialized by user code providing specific functionality.”

In simple words, a Framework refers to an application that is already built but needs developer code to form a whole application. SDK is wider as it can contain the framework itself alongside libraries, documentation, tutorials and others. It is necessary to note the difference between these two.

The hottest kid on the block in the world of software development is Web3 development, it is gaining admirers from web2 developers and those about to start developing. Becoming a blockchain developer is becoming very enticing as there are lots of projects to work on, and technology is disrupting many industries. Web3 is bringing decentralization which simply means that there is no more use for a central authority leaning towards community governance. Using the right SDK in web3, dappKit, can not be overemphasised.

dappKit is a curated framework that allows developers to automate the creation and unit testing, javascript wrappers, and extended integration just by writing solidity. It is built having Truffle and OpenZeppelin already integrated, to make web3 development easier and faster. These two have their functions:

Truffle: integrates compiling in sold together in your Smart Contracts.

OpenZeppelin: provides trustable, audited & tested Smart Contracts.

They solve the problem of velocity in solidity development, which means having speed and direction while developing. After being used by developers (web2 and new users), it is found to be the SDK for Faster Web3 Development. Especially developers that feel good and motivated to build good future solutions have found dappKit to be useful and easy to use. The SDK makes it easy for them to include the community and build with them in consideration, as it provides the necessary tools needed to pull that off.

There are exciting features that make dappKit the preferred SDK for web3 developers, what it offers makes building decentralized applications (DApp) much faster:

=> Better ramp-up: You can add Blockchain-related capabilities to your software in a faster way, and avoid all the repetitive tasks associated with Smart Contracts Development.

=> Javascript SDK: With dappKit, there will be no need to use another programming language as it covers the Javascript part for Web apps and front-end purposes. Makes building decentralized web3 applications much easier.

=> Faster time-to-market: Gets the deployment of smart contracts faster, as it fast-tracks the development and testing stages.

=> Reduce costs: Since the SDK is using an open-source framework, it reduces the cost of developing the application drastically.

=> Become part of a strong Brand & Community: This is my favourite part! A developer is said to be as good as the community he belongs to. TAIKAI has a very strong and engaged community that a developer can be a part of and learn a lot from. There are also ideas on projects to work on, the community is a positive and rewarding one as well.

To show that dappKit already has practical use cases that can be implemented right away.

NFTs: Develop and create NFT collectables that can be used in gaming and esports environments. Developers get to give users ownership, provable scarcity, interoperability, and immutability. Made possible by blockchain technology.

Digital Art Galleries: Artists and galleries can find it easy to create their online digital showcase featuring their brands and naming. The dappKit white-label solution made this possible, creators can now claim proper ownership of their digital content in a decentralized manner.

Prediction market: This is a DApp where participants trade on the outcome of future events, with multiple timeframes of resolution. dappKit helps to create sophisticated contracts to govern several market activities including creating your token for utility and governance, adding and removing liquidity, and buying and selling shares.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) mechanisms: Adding staking, and locking of tokens to applications and websites comes easy with dappKit. It is developers’ joy to know just little tweaks are needed to add DeFi functionality to a DApp.

Governance: Governance methods like token holders participating and engaging in discussions about the future of the protocol can be added easily through the help of dappKit.

ERC-20 Staking: dappKit has its integration process here and the API too, just awaiting implementation. Simple and quick to use

When a developer is looking to create amazing applications on the blockchain, dappKit is the best SDK out there. Beats other web3 SDKs hands down, the fact that you have a community waiting to welcome you is one big plus.

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