Report of the Twitter Space with Charvel Chedraui on Wayru Network’s Pre-sale

Okunade Iyanuoluwa
4 min readAug 24, 2022

It has been 14 days since Wayru Network’s presale started, and there has been lots of attention towards it. The Network is simply looking into providing Internet access to everyone, which is a fundamental right. It is doing this through the Share2Earn system where people share the Internet and earn based on the number of people connected to them.

Many are just hearing about the project and have a lot of questions regarding how it works and what is involved, I am sure anyone getting to read about this for the first time will want to know how that is possible. The Wayru project has two products available for the public:

=> Genesis device

=> Hotspot Pools

A Twitter space was held to this effect in which the CEO, Charvel Chedraui, answered questions surrounding the project and the presale. He has been building projects since 2012 and Wayru Network is his 4th startup. The Project’s community has grown from 300 to 3,000. I will be making a report on the Twitter space in this article, to make the questions and the answers available to all.

Do you need both products for them to work?

Answer: You can decide to have both or one, you do not need one for the other to work.

How does this affect my Internet bill? And does it work with AT&T providers?

Answer: It won’t affect your bill. You can have any type of provider from any part of the world as long as their Internet is stable, you will be able to share your connectivity.

What is the difference between a Genesis device and a Hotspot pool?

Answer: When you own your device, you will have to log in to your device with the existing Internet connection and shoulder all the costs involved. And when you invest in the Hotspot pool, Wayru takes care of everything, you only earn a fair share of reward for investing.

How long does the range cover after setting up?

Answer: 100–150m in a perfect scenario. And it should be noted that 20–40m will be lost when it goes through a wall, depending on the thickness of the wall. The device has a 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz dual-band.

Is this going to work in Europe and anywhere?

Answer: Yes, anywhere in the world as long as there is connectivity and electricity.

Other questions from the audience:

Can you set this up in the USA?

Answer: Yes! In the USA and anywhere else in the world with Internet connectivity.

If I connect a Wayru device to my home Internet connection and start using my device, will that be counted as commercial usage?

Answer: You can do that, but you will have to be watching the connection.

How will the monetary value of the reward (token) be determined?

Answer: We have not launched yet. We will launch the testnet in October so that those that participated in the Pre-sale can get rewards that will be airdropped to them after TGE (Token Generation Event) and pool token holders. There is no exact price now.

Is there a requirement as regards technical skills to have to operate the device?

Answer: NO! It will be easy to operate. Just a phone, network and electricity. It can be set up in under 10 minutes. There is no need for technical skills.

Is there a time frame to buy and get the device? How will it be delivered?

Answer: It will be delivered by courier. Shipping will start late September to Mid October so they will earn when the Testnet starts. It will be possible to track orders.

Does it run on WiFi or Ethernet cards?

Answer: You need an Ethernet card to connect to your Internet browser, the Genesis device will broadcast a WiFi network where everybody can make use of it. But your device must be connected to an existing Internet connection at home or business.

Does Airblock give you a discount?

Answer: It gives you early access to Genesis Device, but there will be a discount during TGE for the $WRU token. My

If I have 10 Airblocks but I live in the US, can I use it to link to nodes?

Answer: The airblocks will not be burnt and you can still use them to link to your node operators. There are 10,000 airblocks presently, so it will be worth more in the future. Get yourself an Airblock.

You can now get in on the Pre-Sale: