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4 min readSep 23, 2022

Recap of WayruNetwork in recent weeks.

The month of August was a busy and eventful one for the Wayru Network team and community; the much anticipated Pre-sale took place and it was great, the project went live on ProductHunt and a new CTO was appointed.

The Pre-sale

The Pre-sale started on the 9th day of August and was meant to be open for 30 days, more people got to know about the project during this time frame. There were lots of AMAs (Ask Me Anything) held to give a clearer view of what the project entails and what the Pre-sale was all about.

The CEO, Charvel Chedraui, was available to take on questions and explain what the Network stood for. The Pre-sale was a call for everyone to build the future of the Internet together, change the status quo and get more people to stay connected to the Internet. The Network is about getting people to own a piece of the Internet and get paid for sharing the Internet using the Wayru Hotspot pools. The Hotspot pools arguably are the best way to invest in Internet infrastructures and start earning crypto.

There is a problem this Pre-sale is out to solve, and that is to decentralize the Internet. Ever since the emergence of the Internet for public use, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and Telecommunications companies are concerned majorly with how to maximise their profit and this has led to the high price of Internet connections all over the world. This should not be so as the UN has made the right to be connected to the Internet a human right since the year 2011, and it should be more affordable for everyone.

The truth is that more people are getting disconnected from the Internet and the time spent on the Internet is reducing due to the high cost, and money made from Internet connections go to few pockets. Wayru Network is out to change that by allowing people to invest in the Internet and get rewarded for that, they can either do that by investing in a Hotspot Pool or buying a Genesis device. This is the purpose of the Pre-sale and a lot of people had questions about how it works and how to get them.

With the opportunity the Pre-sale offers, people will get to see that investing in Internet Infrastructure is possible, easy and rewarding. It will help to decentralize Internet infrastructures and distribute the ownership in the hands of as many people as possible. It is now possible for people to run their infrastructure through the Genesis device or own a piece of the network deployed by Wayru through hotpot pools. Investing in the pools costs $50 and this will get investors a piece of the Internet wherever it will be deployed by Wayru.

WayruNetwork on ProductHunt

The Pre-sale was a successful one and it went live on ProductHunt

“✨ Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that we’re LIVE on @ProductHunt!✨

Please support us by voting and sharing with your friends. (We’d love some feedback 🤩)

We will be there to answer questions all day long!

Thank you!🥳


#Web3 #Crypto #Earn

Link to tweet

Link to Wayru Network on ProductHunt

You can ask questions about how the network works, answers will be provided by the team. It got well over 100 votes and great positive reviews.

New Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in Wayru

Franco Antón is now the new CTO in Wayru. The decision was made as a result of the Wayru team “expanding and improving” the C-level management team. The new Chief Technology Officer will be charged with leading the engineering team and driving the software architecture development and the use of new technologies.

He has a lot of experience and he will be a great addition to the team, bringing his experience in creating Management, and leading multiple startups, Crypto, and Fintech software in LATAM. Won a couple of awards including the “Best Tech Entrepreneur in Argentina” award. Franco is skilled in Accounting and Business Administration, the Wayru community is looking forward to having him organise and lead the Network to a new level.

The Wayru’s C level currently consists of three members: Charvel Chedraui (CEO and Founder), Paula Ceballos (CCO and Co-Founder), and Franco Antón (CTO).

To know more about Franko:

Looking forward to a great period ahead with WayruNetwork, join through the following links to be part of the community:

Website: https://wayru.io
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