PlatON: Blockchain meets AI

The world is evolving and the technology keeps improving, regardless of if we are ready or not, digital life is what everyone is experiencing today. One important thing that is very important in this era of digitalisation is Data. It refers to individual facts, statistics, or items of information. It can simply be regarded as units of information. Anyone or a group of people with data rules, because all decisions or moves made by them will be an informed one which rarely misses.

The truth is that data is life and it is not taken or utilized in the right way, the level of centralisation of people's data is high and not beneficial to its owners. Artificial Intelligence, AI, is often used to gather, analyse and hold data. AI does what it is programmed to do, most of those out there are owned by centralised bodies that aim at using the data collated to serve their personal interests. It is only proper to have a way of having people stay in charge of their data and also having AI technology to be used in a decentralised way.

Web 3.0, which simply means a decentralised network, is now upon us. Which gives rise to the need of having value of data to be intellectualized urgently in order to be deposited and utilized. PlatON is an intelligent network that brings blockchain, AI and privacy-preserving computation together to create a decentralized collaborative privacy-preserving AI network that takes data utilization to a new level.

PlatON network serves as an infrastructure for autonomous AI agents, this feature can facilitate the emergence of advanced AI and explore the path to artificial general intelligence (AGI). The blockchain network plays a big role as it gives the foundation to establish a decentralized privacy-preserving computation network that connects data, algorithms, and computing power through privacy preserving computation protocols.

PlatON is building a decentralised and collaborative AI network and global brain to drive the democratization of AI for safe artificial general intelligence. This is possible by the combination of the blockchain and privacy-preserving computation technologies, the innovation is one worth looking into.

=> To build the infrastructure needed for autonomous AI agents and their collaboration, to facilitate the emergence and evolution of advanced AI, and to explore the path to general

=> Extend the power of AI to anyone who requires it through our decentralized network and open-source software tools to make the best AI technology accessible for the masses.

There are oracles in blockchain, and there middleware-like that connects the blockchain with external resources. The existing blockchain oracles still mainly collect data from other data sources
and map them to smart contracts on the chain, or allow smart contracts to call external APIs to provide more functions for the blockchain, but they are still limited to external data acquisition interfaces. Moreover, it is almost impossible to integrate the AI model into
smart contracts.
With PlatON:
- blockchain users can use biometrics based on biometric methods, such as human faces and fingerprints, to control accounts without using the private key.
- Automatic trading built on price prediction and AI strategies can be optimized based on ROI, risk rating, and price prediction indicators.
- the smart contract can determine the loan scale based on the user's credit scores.
- check whether the products in the supply chain are fake or not.

The gaming world has evolved a lot, embracing blockchain and NFTs. There are lots of features and contents involving the players payments and private properties, PlatON has a role to play in the gaming sector.
PlatON can bring more innovative gameplay and effective operation methods to the game:
- In-game or even across games virtual currency unification
- Unique and personalized virtual asset trading
- Distributed game data collection and bot AI training
- Cross-game operation data analysis
- Analysis of Cross-Game Payment Habits

PlatON provides a credible data collaboration environment for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and various scientific research institutions.
PlatON forms a large-scale data aggregation effect, maximizing the value of pharmaceutical datasets, including clinical trials, medication use, electronic health records and patient genomics data, etc. Hence, it forms a data analysis and mining system for pharmacogenomics, disease genomics, network pharmacology, protein structure simulation and other technical means, thus accelerating the process for new drug discovery and R&D.

Through the private set intersection (PSI) and privacy-preserving join query, the bank can facilitate the statistics and understanding of the customer's comprehensive credit risk, and does not disclose any party's customer ID and private domain data information, forming a joint risk prevention, joint control and joint ecology.

PlatON network is bringing blockchain and artificial intelligence together, which will bring lots of innovations and possibilities. Everyone is welcome to participate and make use of this technology.

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