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4 min readAug 3, 2022


Monte Sinai: Wayru’s Network first Internet Network deployment

Few things beat contributing to society, especially when it has to do with changing lives positively. We are wired as humans to connect and relate socially, it is only natural to do what is possible to enhance communication with others. The Internet is a big part of communications now and it is now a right for everyone on Earth to have access to it.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have done a lot of help to people ever since internet access became available for public use. They made it easy for people to send, receive and interact with the internet without having to set up networks themselves. ISP create networks and then make them available to the public at a particular price, which is set in a way to fetch a profit.

At this price, there are lots of people that still can not afford to stay connected to the Internet. It is no longer a question of if it is their right, it is now of if they can afford to subscribe to the ISPs. Just like we all have the right to travel by air, not everyone can afford it in the real sense. Having internet access should not be that hard, everyone should be entitled to affordable and fast internet.

Some organisations have put forward this problem that internet access should be made more affordable, but little or nothing can be done as ISPs must be paid one way or the other. Most organisations bear the cost of internet supply to some communities over some time, but it was not sustainable. As it goes back to the normal prices when funding stops. What if one can share internet access and still earn from it?

Introducing Wayru

Wayru Network is a project aimed at providing cheap and affordable Internet access through a “share2earn” economy, this refers to people sharing hotspots with others and getting paid for doing so. The project has done a lot of work as regards this and has already deployed a network to show people that it is possible.

Monte Sinaí:

This is a community in Guayaquil, Ecuador. It has a population of more than 100,000 with the problem of Internet access, it is hard for residents to do research, study and even work from home. The problem became more glaring during the pandemic period as most could not pay the bills for Internet access, this is because they are unable to go out to do their daily work to earn money. This highlighted the flaw and raised questions about how to get those in similar situations to remain connected.

Wayru got across to the community leader from Monte Sinai and they were welcomed after seeing the benefit the community will gain, consent is key. Wayru was able to set up a network that provides fast internet access for members of the community to connect. Ten Wi-Fi zones were installed enabling more than 2,000 people to connect at the same time without destabilising the network.

The range of each antenna installed is 150m (500 ft) 360 degrees, providing internet access to lots of people in their homes per WiFi zone. Wayru is projecting to connect 15,000 people in this community and repeat this model in communities with similar needs.


Wayru’s network is much more capable to do more, to get communities to experience fast and affordable internet access. For this to happen, you can be a part of this by being a Wayru Pool Token operator. This way, you will be able to provide internet access to those around you and you earn while doing so. Everyone deserves to be connected to the Internet and you can be a part of this.

The first step is to register for the waitlist to own a Genesis router:


Here is a comprehensive article on how it works: