Introducing HYPERFYRE

One thing businesses online want to have is a real community, a community free from bots. Where they can be able to know each user in the community is a real person, not necessarily having the details of such an individual. This will help in building their products and also having an engaging community.

Before now, when contests or referral programs were launched, there were lots of bots and even malicious attacks by hackers trying to get digital data from participating through logins. This reduces the credibility of winners and also risks participants' digital data. This and many more is what the solution HyperFyre is providing as a tool.

HyperFyre, an application to help build resilient and dependable communities in a secure way, is built on Hypersign solution. Hypersign is an authentication solution that secures user data by combining digital identity with the blockchain, the protocol makes use of DID (Decentralized Identity)

HyperFyre is a privacy preserving marketing tool that helps businesses whitelist and KYC their users while preventing malicious actors from participating and ensuring that user data is safe and secure. This will change the game of marketing as it were, businesses get to build a dependable community while users get their digital data and privacy safe from hacks.

This tool enables real organic followers through explosive real-time promotions using social media blasts, sweepstakes, contests, referral programs and more while protecting user data and maintaining privacy at all times. The real catch here is that it's Web 3.0 compliant, built on Hypersign protocol.

It helps the businesses in 5 unique ways:
=> Identify real users through secure public key encryption.
=> Eliminate malicious bots and hackers through social verification.
=> Encrypt user data, restricting access to owners only.
=> Prevent user monopolies by ensuring the uniqueness of each registered user.
=> Only collect data relevant to the specific event.

So far, HyperFyre has secured over 20 campaigns, eliminated over 70,000 bots, issued over 8,000 verifiable credentials, created 22,000 decentralized IDs and mitigated multiple hacks by malicious actors. It has a growing community of at least 20,000 verified users.

“With HyperFyre, the unique ID-related marketing tool, it will be much easier to build your real fast-growing community.”
- James Wo (DFG Capital)

“HyperFyre is a great option that enables projects to build a cult community following via social media, referral programs, contests and more.”
- Roger Lim (NGC Ventures)

Learn more about #HyperFyre:

About Hypersign
Hypersign is a project that tackles problems associated with logins: storage of user personal data, tracking & tracing, data misuse, legacy authentication using passwords that require too much trust.




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