INSTARAISE: Incubation platform created to prevent Rug-pulling

There are lots of rug-pulling happening in the blockchain space, many of these happen through the plan of dubious project owners while some happen based on projects not knowing fully well the way blockchain works. There are many crypto projects, especially DeFi, in the last few months that rug-pulled based on the rookie decision making by their teams causing investors to lose their money.

Projects make use of IDO (Initial DEX Offering), which is a decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform aimed at opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto space. The decentralized nature of IDOs makes it a better option to ICOs (Initial Coin Offering), eliminating lots of problems. But even with IDOs, there have been cases where some spots are reserved for some set of people. This allow them have a lot of control about the particular coin as the bulk of supply is with a carefully selected group of individuals.

This always not fair on other investors, as they are always at the mercy of those with the bulk supply of the coin. And this defeat the purpose of what IDO should be doing, everyone should get fair chances at the offering. And it has to be handled in such away that the price cannot be manipulated, making it hard for a few to dump the price of the token of other investors. This is exactly why Instaraise was created.


Instaraise is a project that was created to solve problems like rug pulling in DeFi project funding and the unfair way token is been allocated to stakeholders. One of the major problem it solves is that of rug pulling in DeFi project funding and the unfair way token is been allocated to stakeholders.

The team is solving the problem by using fixed price swap pools instead of the traditional IDO (Initial DEX Offering) we are used with, tokens are offered based on a first come, first served basis. Safe to remember that the project is built on Tezos and has its own native token called $INSTA, the token is available on QuipuSwap.

The latest partnership formed is with ShuttleOne. ShuttleOne is the next generation of finance — a combination of AI and blockchain, aiming to bring DeFi to the real world through our network of partners in B2G, B2B and B2C ecosystems. The project will be launching its IDO on Instaraise, one to watch for.

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