My goals for Zuri Internship

I got a mail from the Zuri team prompting me to register for the internship program sometimes last month, I was happy to get it because I have been waiting for an opportunity to work as an intern in a company. Location has always been a problem because the ones I saw prior to this time were in Lagos and I happen to be in Ilorin at the moment, I saw the mail as an opportunity. I rushed to to enroll for it.

By the end of this internship program, after 8 weeks, I hope to be a better backend programmer. I look to learn how to work with others efficiently and the workflow involved in a project, teamwork matters to me and I look forward to seeing how it works in the tech world.

I also hope to get helpful resources from the mentors, information and advice too. I am really optimistic about this internship and hope to be a better programmer and better as a person at the end of 8 weeks.