Earning with $INSTA

Instaraise is a fundraising platform built on Tezos, the project is also an incubation platform that helps projects build from the scratch to launch. They offer experienced and expert advice to project on market strategy, how to reach out to investors, product planning among many others.

This project just launched not long ago and it is solving real problems concerning IDO allocations for new projects, investors need not to worry about favouritism and some particular set taking up allocations with the involvement of Instaraise. Everyone gets a fair share and also they need not to worry about price dump as all will be handles fairly.

This got me interested in their token, I was curious about what it is all about and if HODLing their token is of importance. I found that it is really of importance, the token is solid.

$INSTA is the native token for Instaraise, a membership utility token. According the the project, holders of $INSTA are granted access to IDO Launchpad deal-flow, information flow, and specific presale rounds. There are 5 major reasons to Hodl $INSTA, the two that caught my interest are Staking Yields and LP Farming Yields.

Staking Yields
Users can stake $INSTA in-house to earn more $INSTA tokens by staking the amount required for the Allocation, making the staking process incentivized. One interesting thing is that users can earn $INSTA even if there is a delay in the process and execution of large volumes of transactions, this is a part of the Instaraise's yield generation process.

You can go ahead to stake $INSTA on https://Instaraise.io and earn passive income.

LP Farming Yields
INSTA-XTZ LP Farm generates high yield for the users who provide liquidity to INSTA in Quipuswap. There is also another active farming going on FlameDefi, it is currently active in Flame Defi Farms Portal: https://flame.spacefarm.xyz/

The token is worth HODLing, staking or farming. It is a gem as it is still low-cap. The Details of the Token Distribution is discussed here : https://docs.instaraise.io/usdinsta-token/tokenomics

Connect with Instaraise
Twitter: https://twitter.com/instaraise

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/Instaraise_Ann

Telegram Community: https://t.me/Instaraise

Website: https://www.instaraise.io

Medium: https://instaraise.medium.com/



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