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There are different reasons for interacting with the blockchain, these reasons make the space exciting and eye-opening. Almost everyone in the blockchain right now has a story to tell, these stories make up for exciting solutions available. The decentralization aspect brought many into the space and the idea of having total control of one’s financial assets brought the majority to the space, combined with new opportunities for earning.

Projects that solve problems and provide incentives for those interacting with them, that is users, are examples of ideal opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. This is because a project that solves the problem(s) does not fade away or get rekt, except if managed wrongly. Users define the longevity of a project, a blockchain that does not create a use-case for users gets missing along the way.

Earn money while Sharing the Internet

Since the advent of internet access, available for public use, we have seen the rise of ISPs and telecommunications companies raking in profits. ISPs are Internet Service Providers, they make internet access available to the public at a price. Every ISP aims to rake in more profit as possible, and we can not fault them for this because every company was built to maximise profits. This however does not solve the problem of getting almost everyone on the internet, a handful of people still can not afford the prices set by ISPs.

The United Nations have declared that access to the internet is a human right since the year 2011, but that is not the case at the moment. Developing nations still have a bulk of people that are not connected to the Internet. Almost 37% of the human population does not have internet access, this is still very high considering that we are in 2022. This means getting internet access to people, especially those in developing countries is a problem. And pricing is a big factor in this, many simply can not afford it.

Changing the game.

Imagine a situation where anyone can get to be an ISP, where they share a hotspot with others and get incentives for doing that.

This is what the Wayru network is bringing to the world at large.

Wayru network is a project about ISP (Internet Service Provider) with distributed ownership, the project helps people to own a piece of their deployed networks to provide internet access to those around them. Anyone interested in investing with Wayru will provide reliable, fast and more importantly cheap internet access to people, homes, and businesses around them. And they get incentives for doing this.

How does it work?

Wayru Network will have Hotspot Pools- a place in a city where Hotspots will be deployed, each hotspot pool will be having nothing less than 1,000 Hotspots.

These pools will be tokenized and there will be a direct link between the number of tokens and the location of the Pool coupled with the number of Hotspots in the Pool. The more the number of the latter, the more the pools will be available to be bought.

WRU(the project’s token), ALGO (Algorand’s coin), USDC & USD (stable coins) can be used to purchase pool tokens. The cryptocurrencies available to buy Pool tokens are automatically staked against said Network to earn rewards. Those that invested in the Pools get incentives for that, and they are paid in WRU Tokens.

Owners of Wayru Pool Tokens earn WRU, based on the number of people that are connected to their hotspot. The more people owners of Pool Tokens get to provide internet access to, the more reward they get. This is simply a Share2Earn economy, to make sure more people are connected with affordable prices while still benefiting those looking to purchase Wayru Pool Tokens. A win-win scenario for everyone.

It is to be noted that Wayru Network will handle the setup, operations, and management and collect revenues and usage data. All you need to do is to reach out to people to be connected to your hotspot, and access to Wayru’s network data will be available to all.

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