DeXe Network: Platform of opportunities for Investors and Traders

Okunade Iyanuoluwa
3 min readOct 22, 2022


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Investors in the crypto space have always been looking for new opportunities to make more profits, they recognize the fact that the volatility of cryptocurrencies is high and the several possibilities due to the number of cryptocurrencies available in the market. The common way of making a profit is to trade them on centralized exchanges, but there are a few shortcomings in this.

Centralized exchanges are great with lovely UI (User Interface), but investors/traders wanted more. CEX (Centralized Exchanges) are known to be platforms where users buy and sell cryptocurrencies, with options to exchange with fiat (local currency like USD). The issue with this is that they operated as brokers thereby having high fees while acting as custodians of funds that can be hacked.

This led to the creation of Decentralized Exchanges (DeX) where fees are lower and there is no broker, users get to buy & sell their cryptocurrencies without the need for a central platform while remaining in charge of their wallets (non-custodial). DEX has been the order of the day, but there was a need for professional trading tools in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). This is where DeXe Network comes in.

Introducing DeXe Network.

DeXe Network is an ecosystem of different tools with DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) features that bring professional trading to DeFi. The base of this network is the decentralized asset management platform, it is called DeXe investment. It is decentralized, autonomous capital management and DAO management platform. All of these with a great user experience (UX).

The DeXe investment is an upgrade on the Decentralized exchanges, this is because it offers more opportunities for investors and more professional trading tools to traders. Its operation is through fully autonomous smart contracts which include different currencies, allocations, automatic rebalancing, and so on. Any user can create his decentralized fund or DAO, as well as delegate investment pool management rights to a trusted person.

On the DeXe network, investors’ funds are of priority and secure. Traders do not have access to withdraw investor funds, their statistics, however, are transparent which gives investors the power to decide the traders to invest in. With DeXe investment, traders’ effectiveness will be improved and their fund management will be eased in multiple folds. The professional trading tools provided will give room for traders’ improvement even to a professional level, all these while securing investors’ funds.

The goal of the DeXe network is to provide all tools available on centralized exchanges while providing increased security, more complex trading, more automation, more asset choices, and other creative innovations. It is a dream come through for traders as they get the tools from centralized exchange on a decentralized platform.

It is worth noting that there is fair reward distribution for fund managers on the DeXe platform who can finally trade unlimited assets with all kinds of trading strategies. There’s a lot of possibilities on the platform.

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