Devolopers gaining more from the Cartesi-Binance Smart Chain partnership.

Cartesi has always been interested in developers, putting developers first. Giving DApp developers the right platform to build efficient, powerful and scalable DApp is what the project offers.

To reiterate this, Cartesi is partnering with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This partnership will bring a lot of solutions and options for DApps running on Linux, a partnership developers should keep an eye on.

Binance Smart Chain is a parallel Binance Chain to enable smart contracts and also Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) programmability, its architecture enables users to develop their decentralized apps (DApps) and digital assets on the blockchain.

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I will be listing top advantages of the partnership between Cartesi and Binance Smart Chain for users building DApps

1. Massive computation for DApps
DApps will be able to do massive computation while not tampering with the high security of Binance Smart Chain. Good news for decentralized games & DeFi products developers.

2. High TPS (transactions per second)
This is due to fact that Binance Smart Chain supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) programmability.

3. Fast decentralized trading with low fees.

Learn how to get started with Cartesi on Binance Smart Chain from this doc:

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