CTSI Custodial Staking Partners for Reserve Mining

It is of no news that the Cartesi Reserve Mining is now Live, as CTSI holders are now able to stake their tokens and get rewards for it. They do so by either running their own node and using the Cartesi Explorer to make the CTSI work or stake the CTSI token through custodial staking launch partners.

Any holder of CTSI can run a Node as long as you can, it is not restricted to anyone. For as long as one can stay true to the instructions on how to Run a Node and fulfill its requirements, then the holder is free to run the node and get rewarded for it.

There is an article written for the sole purpose of educating holders or aspiring holders of CTSI on how to run a Node, participate in staking system and get rewards in CTSI for each block produced in the Cartesi Mine Reserve.

Learn more on how to Run a Node:

For those not that finds it difficult to follow the steps or too busy to run the nodes, there are two custodial staking partners (as at the time of writing this) one can stake with and earn rewards in CTSI.

  • MyCointainer
  • Coinone

This is a staking service platform that is in support of the custodial staking for CTSI Reserve Mining.

The platform holds your CTSI tokens and stakes it on your behalf through their node, rewards are distributed straight to your MyCointainer account periodically after fees are deducted.

It is advisable to read their terms and conditions before depositing your tokens.
Stake CTSI through MyCointainer here:

For full details:

Coinone is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea, making blockchain closer to the populace. And it happens to be a custodial staking partner for CTSI Reserve Mining.

To stake on Coinone, user can either make a direct deposit or buy CTSI using the CTSI/KRW. The beauty of this is that as long as you are holding CTSI in your account, Coinone automatically stakes it for you.

Stake via Coinone now: https://coinone.co.kr/plus/daily/ctsi/91

For full details:

Get connected to the Cartesi team

Website: cartesi.io

Twitter: twitter.com/cartesiproject

Discord: https://discord.gg/brXm5sB

Telegram: t.me/CartesiProject

GitHub: https://github.com/cartesi




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